Currently the club does have a waiting list of approximately 2-3 years

The Minnetonka Sportsmen Club is a member’s only facility.
However the club offers many different activities available to the general public.

See our Club Events Page for more details.

The club currently has 400 members.
Membership is obtained through the sponsorship of a current member. 
To receive an application you must contact a current member. 
If you do not know a current member, you are welcome and encouraged to attend a club meeting.  This is a good place to learn more about the club and meet some of our members.

Club meetings are held at 7 PM the second Tuesday of each month in the Clubhouse.

Current 2023 Membership fees are:
$250 per year as a passive member (passive member – you volunteer less than 5 hours or no hours)
$100 per year as a active member (active member –  you perform at least 5 hours of volunteer work each year)
New Members pay $250 plus a initiation fee of $100.

Membership allows you access to all six ranges, all club events, and activities.

Questions please contact our Membership Coordinator by email at:

Frequently Asked Questions

Thank You for showing interest in Minnetonka Sportsmen, Inc.

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