Frequently Asked Questions

Yes and No, use of the club and ranges are for members only. As a guest of a member you can use the ranges while accompanied by the member.
We do offer many events the are open to the public  read more…


Membership is obtained through the sponsorship of a current member.  To receive an application you must contact a current member.  If you do not know a current member, you are welcome and encouraged to attend a club meeting.
See About to learn more about Club Facilities. Questions please contact our Membership Coordinator by email at:  for more…

No, trap shooting is open to the public on Mondays at 5pm
You must be on a trap team to shoot, stop in and join a team or start your own.
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Currently we do not offer a rifle sight-in day for non members

The club offers a 100 yard rifle range, 50 yards pistol and rimfire range, Hand trap range, 3 Trap fields, Archery ranges – stationary and roving.

The club offers hunter safety classes, youth trap shooting, we host two high school trap teams and our biggest is the Youth in the Outdoors event.

Yes, various groups use our club for the DNR hunter safety classes. find out more…

Yes, there is a couple of people providing this class.
for more information

Yes, we do offer the club house and/or ranges for certain groups/events.
All requests must be made by reading our usage rules and fill out a usage request form.
2018 requested dates should be in by Dec 12th 2017. After this date requests will still be accepted.
All requests must be presented to the board for approval, preferably in person at a board meeting the second Tuesday of each month at 7PM. You may email your request form and documents to

At times the phone will be answered if someone is there to answer it but if you leave a message someone should return your call although it might take a few days. Depending on your call/question please browse through website as it might have the information you are looking for.